Self Care or Selfless?

Why Self Care is Important This isn’t another one of those posts telling you to read a book and meditate because it is necessary. However, I do believe many times we as humans put 100 things before ourselves. This can result in feeling worn/burned out. So I like to think of self care as waysContinue reading “Self Care or Selfless?”

One Semester Down…How Many More to go?

Fall 2020 has Officially Ended – Hallelujah Somewhere along the lines I got caught up in a whirlwind between school and work. I truly do not understand how people work full-time, go to school full-time and manage having a family. I can barely keep up with me, myself and I. But I survived my firstContinue reading “One Semester Down…How Many More to go?”

Quarantine Purchases

Has anyone else’s bank account taken a severe hit since we’ve been quarantined? I think I began to order things in order to cope with being “stuck” in the house. While some purchases were not necessary, some turned out to be the best purchases I’ve made all year. Nespresso Machine Since the Starbuck locations nearContinue reading “Quarantine Purchases”