Self Care or Selfless?

Why Self Care is Important

This isn’t another one of those posts telling you to read a book and meditate because it is necessary. However, I do believe many times we as humans put 100 things before ourselves. This can result in feeling worn/burned out. So I like to think of self care as ways that allow me to relax and recharge.

Bubble Baths

You always hear “bathing is sitting in your own filth” but it’s YOURS to sit in haha. Ok, but if that is a concern, you can always take a shower first to remove the filth. Somewhere along the lines, I stopped taking baths. But I recently discovered how relaxing they can be. Bath time has definitely upgraded to include Netflix and wine. I like to take bubble baths with the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy foam wash. It makes the bathroom smell like a spa. My set up is not as professional as a bath caddy but it works for me! I use a tray table and place my iPad on it to watch Netflix. I actually prefer that my iPad is on the outside of the tub as opposed to resting on a bath caddy.

Taking a Walk

I don’t know why it takes me forever to motivate myself to go for a walk because I never regret it afterwards. Taking a slow walk with great music is a way to clear my mind. I get overwhelmed overthinking about things I can’t control so the best way to stop it, is to take a walk, even if it is only 30 minutes.

Watching a Good Movie

Unfortunately, I do not like reading. I refuse to pretend to be someone I am not. I don’t like it. Period. But I do like watching reality TV and good movies. Sunday evenings after I “finish” school work, I enjoy curling up on the couch and watching a movie with popcorn. Is it really self care? Maybe not to some people, but I enjoy it and it helps me relax so it counts.

Skin Care Routine

I admit sometimes I fall asleep without washing my face. I know, I know it’s bad, but I don’t sleep in makeup. I consider my skin care routine as taking care of myself therefore I count it as self care. I actively see a dermatologist for my acne and hyperpigmentation, so I leave that up to the professionals. I think if you don’t have a skin care routine, even if you wash your face and wear SPF then you’re doing more than most.

Try to add one thing to your weekly routine to take care of yourself and remember self care is not selfish. Being selfless will eventually lead to you being unable to help those you love the most.

Stay safe,



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